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Injured – withdrawal symptoms kicking in already!

The photo doesn’t really show the bruising very well but let me assure you it flippin’ hurts! This morning I went for a shortish run prior to a bike ride this afternoon.  While I was out I took a tumble … Continue reading

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A Cyclist’s Breakfast

I remember being taught as a child that the most important meal of the day is breakfast.  A few decades later I have come to eventually agree.  It’s important nutritionally but also for us as a family (see below). The food, … Continue reading

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Week 2 with the Thorn Audax Mk3

Audrey the Audax and I are getting to know each other quite well nowadays.  I guess we’re still on our honeymoon and yet there have been a few “words” between us (mainly me muttering about her performance). With my excellent … Continue reading

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Brooks B17 saddle – a 27 year love affair

My 27 year old Dawes Galaxy (with Argos respray), complete with the much loved Brooks B17 saddle We’ve ridden thousands of miles together and its been such a great saddle, Brooks was simply the most obvious choice for the new … Continue reading

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First week with the Thorn Audax

The first week with Audrey the Audax?  So far, so good.  Brilliant in fact.  It’s nice it is getting a “used” look already with some minor – road grime. I’ve been like a kid with a new toy and this … Continue reading

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New year, new bike!

After much anticipation and even more faffing around, here I am arriving home this morning with my new Thorn Audax Mk3.  Hannah looks pleased too. It was easy deciding Thorn bikes were good from the various reviews and general things … Continue reading

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